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Foster Care Bears

Introducing E.P. Worth!

Epworth brings comfort to foster children with Build-A-Bear furry friends

Entering foster care is difficult for any child. It is often a time of confusion and sadness. Children typically do not leave home with all of their belongings and the items they do travel with are sometimes lost or misplaced at the time of removal or during placement changes.

Research shows that a stuffed animal can be an alternative support during transition. The comfort that comes from loving a stuffed bear can promote a safe environment in which a scared, lost or hurt child is more likely to open up and feel safe again. Many children will benefit from the comfort of having their own bear.

Bring comfort to a foster child by giving them the official E.P. Worth teddy bear!

Order for a Foster Care Child

Every donation of an E.P. Worth teddy bear for a foster child will include a convenient carry-all bag along with a hygiene pack.

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Give a Bear, Buy a Bear

Donate an E.P. Worth teddy bear for a foster child, including the convenient carry-all bag and hygiene pack AND receive an official E.P. Worth teddy bear to keep for yourself or give as a gift!

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